Odette is an organisation of organisations and our members, who represent the automotive supply chain in the key European markets, are organisations of automotive companies.

In this way, any employee of a company which is a member of one of our National Organisations is considered to be a member of Odette.

Employees of our International IT Provider members are also considered to be members of Odette.

Full Members

  • Czech Republic and Slovakia Odette_CZ.png
  • France and Monaco    logo_GALIA.jpg
  • Germany VDA.png
  • Spain Odette_ES.jpg    
  • Scandinavia Odette_SW.png
  • United Kingdom SMMT.png


Associate Members


International Technology Provider Associate Members

  •      QAD.png

Becoming a member

To become a member of Odette, an organisation must do one of the following:

  • apply to become a member of one of our Full Member or Associate Member organisations
  • apply to become an Associate Member in its own right
  • apply to become an International Club member*

* The International Club option is open to vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, IT vendors and logistics service providers located outside of the territories covered by the Odette Full Member and Associate Member Organisations.

Please contact for further details.