Work Groups

Odette's main mission is to develop standards and best practice recommendations which improve the performance of the automotive supply chain. To achieve this, Odette sets up work groups on a project by project basis according to priorities defined by member companies. Working alongside these temporary project groups is a permanent committee which is able to recommend or develop the appropriate technology to support their deliverables.

The project work groups and the permanent Technology Group include supply chain professionals and technical experts who are nominated by member companies to use their experience to improve the efficiency of the whole automotive supply chain.

Representatives from the Odette National Organisations work alongside industry members to ensure that national industry practices and legal requirements are taken into account.

Odette Technology Group (TG)

The Odette TG focuses on the selection and development of the appropriate information and communication technologies which enable the efficient and secure exchange of commercial and engineering data between partners in the automotive supply chain.

The primary areas of activity are:

  • Technologies which support Odette Recommendations (including monitoring of new technologies)
  • B2B transaction sets (messages) that are coherent with the selected technologies
  • Security guidelines for file transfer and B2B communication
  • Implementation of the technologies and transaction sets across European automotive industry and beyond
  • Co-ordination with other standardisation bodies to ensure that Odette‘s technological choices are coherent with those of other industry sectors

The TG also provides continuing support and development for the following services:

  • OFTP2 (through the OFTP2 Expert Group)
  • Odette Secure system for Odette IDs and digital certificates
  • Odette and JAIF Global EDIFACT messages
  • auto-gration system for SMEs