Founded in 2007, c-works is the implementor of their own OFTP and OFTP2 communication product supporting all currently used industry standards. Always customer-oriented, requested features and functionalities are integrated in the software solution as fast as possible, solving daily business problems for everyone. We are proud to provide an extremely stable, reliable but also fast, effective and modern software product for automated or manual OFTP and OFTP2 transmission tasks.  

With over 200 active installations our product has grown to a functional richness that serves anybody's needs. Independant plugins and workflows solve all required tasks for a seamless integration into existing system environments.

We support all industries, such as (but not limited to) automotive, engineering, logistics, data hubs etc. c-works is an active member of the Odette OFTP2 experts group and was one of the first companies who received the OFTP2 certification.

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