ecosio - Innovating EDI.

ecosio offers cloud-based managed EDI services (electronic data interchange) with
maximum usability thanks to deep ERP system integration. Enterprises of all sizes find
appropriate solutions with ecosio, such as modern Web-EDI solutions, to optimize their
business processes for digital transformation and Industry 4.0. All of ecosio’s products
grow along with client demands, require no special EDI know-how, and are continually

ecosio’s solutions for the automation of supply chain processes in the automotive
industry enable companies to easily and cost-effectively process delivery forecasts, JIT
forecasts, advanced shipping notices, ODETTE labels, etc. ecosio’s services range from
SAP ERP integration, including integrated monitoring, to ecosio’s web-based EDI solution
to connect even smaller automotive suppliers without EDI capability, including
compliant delivery note label generation for packaging materials. With just one
connection to the ecosio.MessagingHub, your company will quickly and effortlessly
fulfill all its EDI requirements for the automotive industry.

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