Edicom operate Worldwide and has offices in, USA, Spain, France, Italy, México, Argentina, Brasil. We are a leading international provider of EDI and eBusiness solutions, specialist in software development and data integration, supporting a huge range of communication protocols:  OFTP2, AS2, HTTPs, TCP/IP. We also operate a global B2B network, EDICOMNet, the first flat rate and low cost VAN network, and interconnected to other Value Added Network.

EDICOM provides e-INVOICING solutions adapted to legal requirements in different regions, mainly in South America and Europe, where local  regulations make e-INVOICING mandatory.

At client's request, Edicom may take over the EDI management completely on their behalf, avoiding the need of system users, representing a total outsourcing EDI service. With a clear client-centred focus, our company has reached a position as provider of communications services, providing our services to companies of acknowledged prestige in several sectors where electronic transactions and information technologies are key factors in their commercial and financial activities.

If you are looking for a technological partner who can help you implement your Electronic Communications project, Edicom may be your best ally. Our success begins with you.


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