Created in 1993, NUMLOG is a software editor and an integrator of solutions which aims to ease and secure data exchanges and network flows, inside the companies as well as between them. NUMLOG operates in several industrial and commercial sectors: the automotive industry (OEMs and suppliers), retail, logistics, the remote selling...

The range of solutions and services offered by NUMLOG relies on vertical skills and is structured in 4 main activities:

NUMLOG is not a reseller of these products and techniques: we develop and maintain them internally. We can be your single point of contact for supplying and supporting of all these technologies.

Over 300 customers trust Numlog, including Bourbon AP, Fisher & Co USA, FSD, JTEKT group, MSFR, Nobel Plastique, OLSA (IT), SOGEFI Group, Webasto AG,...

NUMLOG has been very active in Odette International and has been a member of the SCX and OFTP2 Working Groups. Numlog is now one of the developers who form the core of the Odette OFTP2 support group.
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