TENOR EDI Services has been providing innovative EDI solutions to the automotive sector for more than 30 years.  With more than 2000 customers in 54 countries, we put our expertise to work by implementing new connections between trading partners daily.

The EDI solution developed by TENOR is a B2B exchange platform to translate, integrate and manage EDI message flows. The solution covers all business activities such as Automotive, Retail, Industry, and Customer Service. Our customers exchange EDI messages (orders, delivery forecasts, despatch advice, invoices...) with all their enabled customers and suppliers.

EDI Electronic Data Interchange allows you to communicate data easily with your partners, clients and suppliers:

DEMAT allows you to receive and send your invoices very simply:

ONBOARDING enables you to deploy EDI/WebEDI with your suppliers:

With EAI you can guide your inter-application data flows:

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