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User manuals

Using  QuickStart Guide   -   FAQs

Setting up your MMOG/LE ecosystem (Release 2.4.0)         English      > 

Managing MMOG/LE assessments (Release 2.4.0)       English        >       

New Features in Release 2.5.0 / 2.6.0 / 2.7.0     English         >      

Consolidating your MMOG accounts     English     > 

MMOG/LE Catalogues

A catalogue is the list of criteria that must be assessed.  The MMOG/LE catalogue is currently available for Version 4 and Version 5 in several different languages. 

To make assessments in, you must first import the English language catalogue and then import the catalogue in any other language you want to use. 

Version 4 Catalogue

English  >     

Chinese  >    French  >     German  >    Italian  >     Korean  >    Spanish  >    Turkish  >     Portuguese  >    

Version 5 Catalogue

English      >          

Chinese    >      French    >      German      >   Italian      >     Japanese    >    Korean      >        Portuguese          > Spanish            >      Turkish


A profile is essentially a “filter” applied to the criteria of a catalogue. The default profile for the MMOG/LE catalogue is the Full Profile. Currently, the only other profile is the Basic Profile and if you need to use this profile you will need to import the appropriate file.

Basic Profile for Catalogue v4    >      Basic Profile for Catalogue v5    > 

Master Data - Bulk Import

Rather than manually entering the details of each of your MMOG/LE partners or the details of each of your own sites, you can upload them to using the data import templates.

Partners data import template   >     Own sites data import template   > 

MMOG/LE v4 Converter Tool

The Converter Tool is used to:

  • convert a v4 Excel assessment into a file which can be imported to
  • convert a v4 assessment created in into an Excel format

Download Converter Tool   >

Converter User Guide             English     >               Chinese    >

Importing a Version 4 Excel assessment to watch video

Watch the MMOG webinar recording and start viewing at the 26 minute point

Introduction to MMOG/LE v4 and instructions on completing a self-assessment


User support in China

Phone 027 6360 3368 / 010 6240 2308
Wechat cedex001

User support in North America



MMOG/LE has become the de-facto standard tool for evaluating supply chain processes in the automotive industry. It is widely used for internal assessments, organisation benchmarking and improving supply chain performance. The tool contains almost 200 logistics assessment criteria which allow an organisation’s processes to be benchmarked against industry best practice.

The capability and performance of existing logistics organisations are evaluated using Global MMOG/LE (with simple ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ ratings) and logistics system plans that meet customer or internal requirements are supported.

Evaluations assist vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to reduce costs, waste, and workloads by streamlining and improving operating procedures.

Global MMOG/LE also makes it much easier to explain supply chain operations to external customers and demonstrate improvement to internal management.

MMOG/LE is aligned with the goals of IATF 16949 and contains numbers and terminology consistent with this globally implemented quality standard.