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Current State and Supporting Evidence - Used to record any information regarding the assessment
response. For example, the assessor could record details
any objective evidence, the reason for
a non-compliance, or any other information that might assist in understanding the operating
conditions at the time of the
Gap/Continuous Improvement - Used to record what the organisation needs to do in order to
become compliant or if the organisation does not intend to
compliant to this
Action Plan - Used in conjunction with the Gap/Continuous Improvement to record the steps that
be taken to become
Target Date - Used in conjunction with the Action Plan to record the date by which the
organisation intends to become compliant. The target date must be
date in the future. It is
important that the organisation includes the target date if it intends to create the Progression
Chart. The Progression Chart will be explained in more detail later in this
Completion Date - Used to record the date that the organisation became compliant. The
completion date cannot be later than the current date. It is
that the organisation
includes the completion date if it intends to create the Progression
Business Function - Allows an organisation to record which department or position was, or should
be, interviewed for each criterion. The Business Function information can be
when performing ongoing annual assessments. This data can be filtered to group the responsible
business functions/titles and associated criteria to be interviewed during the
Responsibility - Used to give the responsible person's name and/or title of the owner of the
criterion response and/or delivery of the action plan as well as any
details that need to
be recorded for both the initial and ongoing annual
Cost - Used to record any costs associated with becoming compliant to a
Customer Contact and Approval Date Used to give the name of the customer representative who
has approved that a criterion is N/A, and the date that it was approved By entering
data, the
compliance field will change from red highlighted N/A Non-Compliant” to green highlighted N/A
Compliant”. Additionally, the associated points will be
to the assessment score and reflected
in the relevant Scoring Summary