An International Vision for the Automotive Supply Chain

Odette International in collaboration with the VDA Workgroup Kommunikations- und Informationstechnologie (KIT) exhibited at the recent Forum Automobillogistik 2018 in Frankfurt to showcase the work that is being done at both national and international level to accelerate digitalisation and streamline communications in the automotive supply chain.

Under the banner “A National Focus with an International Vision for the Automotive Supply Chain”, a team of Odette and VDA staff and industry experts took the opportunity to explain to the many visitors to the stand how national supply chain recommendations are brought together to become international standards implemented across the world.

VDA President, Matthias Wissmann, discussed the importance of global collaboration with Odette International Chairman, Ingrid Lundberg and Mr Wissmann reiterated the support of the VDA for the work of Odette (*). 

The Chairman of the VDA KIT Group, Thomas Sieck from Volkswagen, stated “as members of the KIT, it is our role to share our knowledge with our business partners and being present at such important supply chain events as the Forum Automobil Logistik is a key element in our strategy”.

*Recent examples of the fruitful collaboration on the Odette level with active involvement of VDA experts include the new best practice recommendation on RTI management, the development of EDI messages for RTI management and the adoption of an Automotive Business Vocabulary for trackable events in the supply chain.