Odette in Turkey

The Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD) became an Associate Member of Odette in 2006 in order to have a stronger voice in the global industry. Vehicle makers in Turkey now play an influential role in initiatives to improve supply chain integration and set the industry standards which give all automotive manufacturing and supply companies in Turkey greater access to customers across the world.

The OSD Odette Supply Chain Committee is managed by Ford Otosan and counts Fiat, Oyak Renault, Isuzu, Otokar, Karsan Mercedes and Taysad (Turkish Automotive Suppliers Association) amongst its active members.

An inclusive culture

OSD holds its Odette Supply Chain Committee meetings every three months, rotating the venue among the production plants of the active members. This ensures that all participants gain equal exposure and access to the full range of capacities of OSD and provides them with an unprecedented platform to share thoughts, ideas and concerns. External consulting firms are sometimes invited to committee meetings to provide deeper specialist knowledge and insights when needed.

The OSD Odette Supply Chain Committee is working to bring all Turkish firms operating in the automotive sector into the group and substantial progress towards meeting this target has been made.

Odette also benefits from this direct contact with active players in Turkey, who offer their feedback and the Turkish perspective on issues affecting the automotive sector nationally, regionally and globally.

The strength of local support

The Odette Committee offers its members opportunities to access Odette’s extensive network of local and regional experts with the knowledge, contacts and experience to advise on the different business conditions applying in various European and global markets. This has been especially beneficial to the Turkish companies who are dealing with a challenging export market as one of Europe’s largest automotive producers.

Unrivalled experiences

Members of the OSD Odette Supply Chain Committee are able to participate in Odette project initiatives – providing unrivalled opportunities to solve pressing challenges and shape the future of the industry. By participating in projects, members have exclusive insights and influence on the outcomes from these projects. Currently OSD members participated in three major Odette projects: Collaborative Forecasting, Supply Chain Risk Management and CO2 Reporting. Future participation in the Transport Optimization Project is also under consideration.

Influencing the industry

Through Odette, the members of OSD receive substantial support to lead the development of the automotive industry at a national level. For example, Odette equips them to promote standardisation and drive the implementation of standards and new technologies throughout the supply chain, ensuring that the Turkish industry remains efficient, competitive and well connected with the global supply chain.

With support from Odette, using Global MMOG/LE tools OSD also helps its members to benchmark their supply chain operations, in the areas of electronic communications, capacity planning, auto-ID and supplier performance management. These studies help companies to prioritise their business improvement plans and coordinate their efforts at a national level.

Better connections, wider reach

The OSD Odette Supply Chain Committee has fostered new connections and collaborations – not just between members, but also with other businesses worldwide through Odette’s extensive networking activities and opportunities. With stronger networks and more open communication and cooperation, Turkish companies are finding that they have a much greater regional and global presence in this fiercely competitive market. Most recent activities that OSD has participated in are: Global MMOG/LE V4 Update Study, Odette Conference 2014 in Lyon, MMOG/LE Awareness Sessions in Turkey for Turkish supply base by Industry Forum and Data Interchange and the Supply Chain Management Council in Dusseldorf in 2014. 

Associate membership

Associate members of Odette benefit from industry-wide insights on best practice. They can sit on Odette Committees and participate in Odette projects, playing an important and influential role in the development of the next generation of standards and recommendations. Associate membership is open to national associations representing companies involved in the automotive sector and its supply chain operations. Smaller groupings of companies with a particular supply chain issue or issues may also be able to come together in an Odette Special Interest Group.