Global MMOG/LE Next Generation: we want to hear from you

If your company is a user of the logistics capability assessment tool known as Global MMOG/LE (often abbreviated to MMOG) which has been developed jointly by Odette and AIAG, then read on. Version 4 of MMOG was released in May 2014 and we at Odette, are now considering whether further developments to the tool are required by, or would be helpful to, our customers.

Such developments could involve:

1.  The electronic upload and download of assessment results
2.  A change of  the software used to run the MMOG application
3.  A different way to host and access the application
4.  Changes to the content of the assessment itself

The development of standard XML messages to allow the electronic upload and download of assessments  is already well underway in Odette but we would be very grateful if you could help us in our decision making by completing a short survey on the other aspects of MMOG development mentioned above.