Global MMOG/LE Training: Choosing the right provider

The Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) tool enables any organization in the global automotive supply chain to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its Materials Management and Logistics capability and performance.

The tool can be used internally by a company to carry out a self-assessment or externally by a customer to evaluate the capability of a supplier. It can be applied throughout the product life cycle, from the early development and pre-production phases through series production to the aftermarket/service phases.

Odette and AIAG, as owners of Global MMOG/LE, update the tool every three years to ensure that it continues to reflect the latest developments in Materials Management and Logistics processes in the global automotive industry. Version 4 of the English language edition is due to be released in Q1 2014 with other languages to follow.

Odette and AIAG have also developed guidelines for MMOG/LE training courses to ensure that these courses are based on rigorous, commonly agreed criteria and that they follow tried and tested training methods. Developed with input from major automotive companies in Europe and the US, these guidelines ensure that training courses recognised by Odette and AIAG are fully compliant with the latest industry best practice.

Some training providers have been proposing MMOG/LE courses which are not based on these official guidelines and which therefore may not be of the quality necessary to enable participants to reach the high scoring level demanded by automotive customers in actual assessments.

In order to obtain high quality training, harmonised at a global level, please ensure that you use an Odette approved training provider. You can find the details here.