Are you compliant with MMOG/LE 6.7.1?

Make sure you maximise your MMOG rating with your customers

MMOG/LE 6.7.1: "There is a process in place to assess and monitor the capability and performance of suppliers, subcontractors, and service providers on a regular basis.”

All automotive companies, especially OEMs, are facing unprecedented disruption of their operations, whether caused by a shortage of semi-conductors, Covid or Brexit, and all are realising that their Tier  2 and Tier 3 suppliers are just as important as their Tier 1 in keeping their factories supplied and all are looking for ways to increase the performance, security and visibility of their total supply chain.

This means that customers will increasingly require their Tier 1 suppliers to deploy MMOG/LE with their own suppliers and so on down the tiers, so you need to be ready in good time.

Deploying MMOG/LE with suppliers on

MMOG is available in 9 other languages besides English with both Full and Basic Profiles and is tailored for use by companies large and small in all tiers. 

The launch of the platform has made the MMOG/LE on-boarding process much easier and several Tier 1 suppliers have already successfully on-boarded their own suppliers.

In addition to achieving the approval of their customers by being compliant with criterion 6.7.1., Tier 1 operations also benefit enormously through having visibility of the capability of their own supply base. 

There is no need to buy an additional licence to on-board your own supplier base. The process is straight-forward and your suppliers can receive support in the use of the platform from B.A.S.I.C.S in North America, Cedex in China and Odette International for the rest of the world. 

 To deploy MMOG/LE with your own supply base, you will need to: 

  1. Read "Deploying MMOG/LE with my Suppliers"
  2. Contact Odette for information on how to proceed

A little help can go a long way and can also contact your local trainer for advice if needed.