ISDN shutdown in Germany: Don’t get cut off from your customers!

Network operators in Germany have confirmed that the ISDN service will be phased out by 2018 and the transition to IP-based services is now well under way in some parts of the country. Companies that do not yet use the internet to transmit their data need to act NOW.

What the ISDN switch off means for your business

You know how vital the stability of your communication with your customers is to your business. Avoiding disruption is essential. If you are already using an IP based communication protocol for your data communication (e.g. OFTP2), then you are ready but if you are still operating with a software using an ISDN network (e.g. OFTP1) or are unsure of the situation, please read on:

You will receive (or may already have received) a communication from your service provider advising you of the situation and the date of the switch off in your area. Do not ignore it. At Odette, we are already getting calls from panicked automotive suppliers who have done just that. Their line has been stopped and they need to have an alternative solution in place yesterday to keep their data exchange going!

Acting now means that you will be able to choose your solution with serenity and won’t need to act in emergency to keep your data exchange running.

Getting started with OFTP2

OFTP2 is a cost effective, internet based protocol and is already widely used by 1000s of suppliers (large and small), across the world to exchange data with customers, suppliers and service providers. OFTP2 is straightforward to deploy and organisations can quickly benefit from secure data exchange over the internet. Learn more about OFTP2.

Odette can assist and offers a comprehensive service suite. To begin using OFTP2, your organisation will require:

So, be proactive, not reactive and check your set up today.