New member of the Odette Team

We welcome Beysun Sen Duru who has joined Odette International as Engagement Manager. In this role, she is responsible for establishing even closer links with Odette members and partners in order to pick up on the latest trends in supply chain management and identify possible weaknesses in existing supply chain processes.

Her overall aim is to help Odette to focus its standardisation activities and best practice recommendations in the areas which will give the greatest payback for its members.

Beysun previously worked for Ford Otosan in Turkey where she held several different Supply Chain Management positions and was involved in the development and deployment of a number of significant supply chain and logistics projects. During her time at Ford Otosan, she also chaired the national Odette Committee and in this role greatly increased the awareness of Odette standards throughout the automotive industry in Turkey. She has also been a deployment champion for MMOG/LE.

Beysun’s experience and knowledge of the automotive supply chain will be an invaluable asset for Odette International.