Next generation IT platform for MMOG/LE

The MMOG/LE assessment tool, initially developed in the late 1990s by Odette and AIAG, is currently based on an Excel workbook which has served the industry well over the years.

There are, however, several shortcomings with the Excel tool, especially regarding maintenance and updates, due to programme functionalities and assessment data being bound tightly together. Any change in the assessment specifications requires Odette and AIAG to update and redistribute the whole package; even the addition of a new language requires changes to the programme code and creates a separate instance of the application. Consequently, the users must enter their data again and send the update to their various customers.

Odette has therefore launched a project to develop a more sophisticated IT platform for the MMOG/LE tool. The project, known as MMOG/LE/NP (for New Platform) covers the development of a software application which can be installed within a single company (either on a stand-alone PC or in the company intranet) or which can run as a web application and be accessed by many different companies via the internet. 

We have decided to develop the application to run in these different environments because many users have expressed a concern about storing what they consider to be sensitive/confidential data on a central server controlled by a 3rd party whilst others have embraced the concept of a ‘cloud’ solution.

In its first phase, the new application will cover the current scope of the Excel tool including the basic analytics as available today but we will look at adding more sophisticated analytic possibilities in a later phase.

Although the major use of the new application will be by companies who want to carry out assessments of their logistics operations, either for their own information or for submission to their customers, it will also allow customers to receive and respond more easily and efficiently to assessments submitted by their suppliers.

Odette is currently at the RFQ stage with potential providers and it is anticipated that development work will start in Q1 2017.