Activity report

A summary of Odette International activities over the past 12 months.


Board of Directors
There have been several changes in the Odette Board:

France: Philippe Paban (Renault) was replaced by Laurent Bourellier, VP - IT Manufacturing and Supply Chain (Renault).
Sabine Hucke (Fehrer) was replaced by Werner Mock, Head of Logistics Department (VDA).
Ingrid Lundberg (Volvo AB) was replaced by Henry Rostén (Head of Volume & Capacity - Volvo AB).

These changes also led to several changes of the Officers:

Henry Rosten (Sweden) was elected as Chairman; Laurent Bourellier (France) was elected as Vice-Chairman; Werner Mock (Germany) was elected as Treasurer. 

Supply Chain Management Council
The Board approved a proposal to create a new Odette Supply Chain Management Council with the objective of bringing a more strategic vision to potential areas for collaboration across the automotive supply chain. The first meeting was held on 1st October in Dusseldorf. Companies supporting the initiative include Fiat Chrysler, GM Europe, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren Automotive, PSA, Renault, SEAT, Tofas, Volvo, Continental, DHL, ZF. 

Committees and Project Groups

Technology Committee (TC)
The TC met 4 times over the period with participation from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden.

The eInvoicing project team was reinstated to carry out further work in relation to recent EU legislation and to carry out a survey of current eInvoicing practices around Europe.

The OFTP2 Experts Group continues to meet approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, to discuss and decide on related topics and maintain the specifications up to date. OFTP2 solutions from two further providers, DAL (Japan) and IBM (India), were tested and approved for interoperability.OFTP2 Implementation Guidelines were updated to recommend the use of more secure cipher algorithms and stronger encryption keys (SHA-2) for increased security.

Message maintenance
Work is on-going to maintain the Odette and JAIF message repository. A publishing project has been initiated to optimise message production and update some of the message guidelines.

The TC currently has 8 topics in study or in progress:

  • European Multi-Stakeholder Forum follow up
  • Intra-EU receiving confirmation
  • eInvoicing practices worldwide survey
  • Forum on communication issues
  • New message development and maintenance of existing repository
  • Global Transport label European Guidelines revisions
  • Supply Chain Processes in the Automotive Industry white paper
  • RFID automotive business vocabulary

Logistics Committee (LC)
Towards the end of the period it was decide to replace the Logistics Committee with a Supply Chain Management Council with the objective of bringing a more strategic vision to potential areas for collaboration across the automotive supply chain. Projects Completed & Recommendations published:

  • Global MMOG/LE v4 with a new ‘Basic’ version
  • Supply Chain Risk Management tool and Guidelines
  • GHG reporting Guidelines for freight transport
  • Collaborative Forecasting Guidelines
  • Supply Chain Risk Management Matrix and Guidelines


Conference - Odette2014
The Odette International Conference and Exhibition is now taking place on an 18 month cycle and our 17th conference held in Lyon in May was once again hailed a success by the participants. 250 delegates from 22 different countries attended the two day conference where 50 senior executives and experts from global automotive companies gave their insights into new markets, spoke of the challenges facing the worldwide industry and the strategies they are putting in place to meet these challenges and explained how Odette recommendations and tools play an important role in the implementation of these strategies.

Plenary speakers included Michel Brun, Vice President Logistics - Volvo Global Trucks, John Sobeck, Vice President Supply Chain - ZF Group, Mark Sutcliffe, Alliance Global VP, Supply Chain Management - Renault Nissan alliance, Bruno Grison, Vice President Supplier Quality & Development - PSA Peugeot Citroen and Pascal Born, Global Business Development Director - Neovia.

The main Odette website and the on-line shop were completely redesigned to replace the old sites, in order to provide better information increased automation and a significantly enhanced customer experience. New ‘How To videos’ for the Odette CA were produced and the on-line FAQs were extended in order to alleviate the pressure on the telephone Helpdesk. A searchable on-line directory of companies with OFTP2 capabilities was created to promote OFTP2 and provide a service to members. Planning for further developments has been initiated.

Odette was invited to speak at a number of events:

  • Automotive Logistics European Conference in Bonn
  • ECG Conference in Berlin
  • EDIFICE Conferences in Stuttgart and Stockholm
  • Automotive Logistics Awards ceremony in London and International Conference at Silverstone in the UK
  • SMMT Logistics Forums

Updates on Odette activities and various projects were presented and explained to promote Odette to the wider industry. Several mentions and features were published by publications such as Automotive Logistics magazine as a result.


Odette CA
The use of Odette Digital Certificate continued to grow and they are now implemented in OFTP2 applications in almost 40 countries around the world. A number of improvements to the on-line certificate ordering and issuing system were developed and put into operation over the year. We were able reassure certificate holders that we were not affected by the Heartbleed security flaw. Upgrading of the encryption algorithm to SHA2 was started, to add even higher levels of security for industry file transfers.

There has been a steady call for Odette IDs from companies around the world, with an increasing number of requests coming from emerging markets. An upgrade of the OSCAR code issuing application was carried out to streamline the code maintenance process.

Global MMOG/LE
Demand for Global MMOG V3 continued to grow steadily, but the publication of V4 (English) in May resulted in a surge in demand prompted by the requirements of the US OEMs. A number of requests for V4 in other languages have been received and several translations are underway. Discussions have started about a possible e-Version.


Joint Automotive Industry Forum (JAIF) meetings with AIAG and JAMA were held on a quarterly basis (including a face to face meeting in Lyon in May). Topics discussed included:

  • Global Transport Label (GTL)
  • Global RFID recommendations
  • Global EDIFACT messages
  • ISO Standard - ISO/WD 18495-1
  • JAIF in China
  • Joint Automotive Data Model

In November 2013 we received a delegation of JAMA members in London who were interested to know more about OFTP2 and auto-gration. It is possible that OFTP2 may be recommended in future as part of their B2B standardisation plans for all OEMs.

In addition to the relationships with AIAG and JAMA through the JAIF, we also maintained or developed contacts with:

  • EDIFICE – the equivalent organisation for the IT, semi-conductor and telecoms industries
  • ECG – the European Vehicle Transport companies’ association
  • CLEPA – the European Suppliers’ Association
  • ACEA – The European Vehicle Manufactures’ association
  • European Commission – DG MOVE etc.
  • UN/CEFACT – The UN body responsible for improving business exchanges
  • CEN – The European standards organisation