Awards for volunteers at Odette2017

Odette and its National Organisations rely on volunteers from members companies to work in projects on behalf of the automotive supply chain community. Odette Awards are given to recognise those leading this project work despite many of them also having heavy workloads within their companies...

As well as recognising the individuals concerned, the awards also recognise the commitment of the companies who allow their staff to participate in Odette activities.

Several individuals received Odette Awards during the Odette2017 Conference, but they are just a small sample of the many people who have contributed to Odette projects in recent years.

Beysun Sen Duru, Ford Otosan. Beysun is an MMOG deployment champion in Turkey. She has also contributed to increase significantly the awareness of Odette and standards in Turkey.

Pierre Gabaud, Peugeot Group. Pierre has given continued support to many Odette Projects, both at national and international level and has also raised awareness of Odette within his company.

We gave special recognition to the collaborative nature of Odette with a joint award to Andrea Suemer, Volkswagen, Germany and Jan De-Wit, Renault, France, for their work on the Returnable Packaging project which is considered to be a show case for inter-company and inter-country collaboration.

Udo Thienelt, Hella. Udo hascontributed to many Odette activities such as the development of EDI Messages, Packaging, Transport Label. Udo also puts great emphasis on the importance of knowledge transmission and is training the next generation of experts, bringing them to Conference, and raising awareness about the benefits of collaboration.

And, finally, we presented a lifetime award to Lars Cederholm, AB Volvo for 25 years of support to Odette activities. Lars is a syntax guru (we do not have too many of those around), an EDI messages champion, a transport label expert and is soon to be applying his expertise to an Odette RFID project.

All of these awardees have given an exceptional support to the Odette Conference over the years by speaking about their projects, bringing other speakers from their own companies or business partner companies and promoting the event within their own organisations and beyond.