Odette Council defines next priorities for supply chain collaboration

First convened two years ago on an ad-hoc basis to identify common challenges and decide future directions for co-operation in the automotive supply chain, the Odette Council is now established as a permanent body in the Odette structure.

Composed of senior representatives from OEMs and T1 suppliers, the Council members welcome the opportunity to discuss supply chain challenges in an open environment in order to identify areas of common concern where they can work together to find solutions. Digitisation of the Supply Chain is a major area of interest as are the inherent inefficiencies caused by suppliers needing to support a multiplicity of different logistics processes for different customers.

At a recent meeting of the Council, each member was asked to identify 3 key issues where they felt that collaborative action at Odette level had the potential to bring improvement. These issues were then prioritised and a short list of 2 topics for immediate consideration as Odette projects was commonly agreed: Track and Trace and Inbound/Outbound Load Maximisation.

The scope of these proposed projects is currently being defined and work will start shortly.

Convinced that collaboration at European level is the key to improved supply chain performance, the members have decided that the Odette Council will now meet on a 6 monthly basis with the next meeting scheduled for March 2017.