Odette2017 Overview

15-16 May 2017 - Berlin

Transforming the Digital Supply Chain

Chaos, confusion and confrontation seem to be the best words to use to describe the global political situation at the moment.

And while our political leaders take us stumbling into the unknown it is left to business to maintain the proven values of co-operation, collaboration and continuity.

Nowhere are these principles better showcased than at the Odette International Conference where automotive supply chain professionals from more than 30 countries meet together with technology experts to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends in logistics and supply chain management.

Super-efficient processes are vital to remaining and succeeding in the automotive business and Information Technology is a key driver in increasing supply chain capabilities, accelerating communications and improving visibility. Businesses are expected to be agile and to embrace not only disruptive technology but also disruptive processes and to introduce new concepts into their operations which can have a major impact on performance. However, in order to optimise investments, it is important to implement change in accordance with standards that are understood and accepted throughout the global supply chain.

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