Building Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains

Odette2020 - International Conference & Exhibition - Prague - 25 & 26 May

Few people could have predicted the way the world is today. Geopolitical turmoil, trade wars, rapidly evolving technology and demands for drastic reductions in emissions have resulted in an automotive environment that is more volatile than at any other time in its history. Those who wish to survive must have a flexible and sustainable supply chain able to react quickly to an ever changing situation.

Supported by all major players in the automotive industry and with 400 delegates coming from 30 automotive countries, the Odette Conference is recognised as the leading event for automotive industry executives and experts wishing to learn more about the strategies and experiences of their customers, suppliers and competitors in the fields of Digitalisation, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Communications, CyberSecurity.

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The Odette2020 Conference Advisory Group, including representatives from major players in the European automotive industry, is constructing a programme which will demonstrate the innovative technologies needed to build solutions for sustainable supply chains. We will be announcing the headlines shortly. If you would like to take part or submit a paper, please email

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