Have you set up a separate MMOG account for each site in your company?

You could consolidate your individual site accounts into a single company account

The new Analytics Module will be available in your MMOG ecosystem later this year free of charge and will enable Company Admins to have an overview of all sites covered by a company account.

The Module will include a number of features such as Analytics Dashboards and Performance Indicators which will allow Company Admins to compare the performance of each site within a single company account and review their action plan for each customer.

Note: The Analytics Module can only give a consolidated view of sites which are included in a single company account.

Consolidating your MMOG/LE accounts

In addition to optimising your company analytics, there are several other advantages to having all your sites consolidated in a single company account. For example, Company Admins of consolidated accounts can manage user access for all sites. This is especially useful to manage changes of personnel responsible for MMOG assessments.

If you initially decided to set up individual accounts for each site of your company, it is still possible to consolidate these individual accounts into one single company account that includes all the sites.

Consolidating my mmogle.com accounts

Odette International, in association with one of its partners – B.A.S.I.C.S - can offer free advice to those companies wishing to consolidate their accounts. The service is free of charge until the end of 2021 on a first come, first served basis (Terms and Conditions apply) Enquire

Your local trainer is also available for local support on consolidation of accounts.