Standardising RFID Technology for the Automotive Supply Chain

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has long been an essential tool for automotive manufacturers in their own plants and is increasingly considered as a means to bring more efficiency to the automotive supply chain, particularly for tracking assets.

However, there are many obstacles to overcome to ensure the successful use of RFID technology throughout the supply chain. Multiplicity of requirements, complexity of implementation and the need to achieve interoperability are issues that cannot be solved by automotive companies and service providers working in isolation. 

Odette has therefore brought together Auto-ID experts from European OEMs, Tier1s and technology companies under the leadership of AB Volvo and GALIA to find a way of avoiding different flavours of RFID being implemented in different parts of the automotive supply network.

The group has focused on the use of Passive RFID UHF technology with the objective of:

  • Identifying RFID technology and process issues that could create excessive difficulties/multiple solutions amongst user companies,
  • Defining existing and possible industry use cases for Passive RFID technology,
  • Elaborating technology and process specifications for these use cases.
The use cases studied include:
  • Tracking of Returnable Transport Items
  • Tracking the flow of Transport Handling Units (THU) using Smart Labels
  • Tracking of parts via Parts Packaging
  • Tracking of Individual parts
The group proposes to share the results of this work via a series of White Papers which are nearing completion and are expected to be published by Odette in Q3 2021.