Odette establishes Supply Chain Management Council

In order to identify the challenges and decide future directions for co-operation in the automotive supply chain, Odette has created a new Supply Chain Management Council (SCMC) comprising senior managers from European vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and some major LSPs. The first meeting of the SCMC was held on 1st Oct 2014 in Düsseldorf assisted by the Fraunhofer Institute who shared their thoughts on the future and moderated discussions around topics previously identified as having the potential for collaboration.

The meeting resulted in a short list of 3 key topics which will now be explored in more depth.

  • Container and Packaging Management: this topic will focus on return of empty returnable transport items (RTI), reduced manual data entry and standardised data communication. The work will be split over three phases. Phase 1 will study current practices across the industry and report findings with a clear description of the problems faced by the different parties involved. Phase 2 will develop common process patterns and will identify the most widely required data to be exchanged. Phase 3 will focus on standardised exchange formats based on common process patterns.
  • Supply Chain Risk Management: The globalisation of automotive supply processes increases the risk that the supply chain is exposed to. This topic focuses on identifying these risks and then providing recommendations on how to mitigate them in order to safeguard and improve the reliability of the supply chain. The intention is to build on the existing Odette SCRM guidelines in order to create a supplier self-assessment tool for Risk Management, similar to the Global MMOG/LE concept.
  • RFID in Logistics: The use of RFID in cross company supply chain processes appears to be relatively low currently. Companies are unsure of the benefits of RFID vs. current systems (e.g. 2D barcodes) and which areas offer the greatest potential for the application of RFID technology. The intention is to carry out a survey of the current usage of RFID, potential alternative technologies and the most efficient usage of those technologies.

We are now forming project groups to draw up detailed objectives and define deliverables. If you are interested to learn more or to get involved, please contact: info@odette.org