Welcome to the new Odette website

Odette now has a new website, providing Odette members, and all others working in the automotive supply chain, with the tools, support and information they need to adopt and implement Odette standards and services.

In addition to a more modern design, we have made significant changes to the architecture which we are sure will provide users with an appealing and intuitive browsing experience.

New features and resources at a glance:

  • Enhanced accessibility to Services and Publications, allowing users to find exactly what they need in just a few clicks
  • A much improved Odette News & Events, including news from our National Organisation Members, and an increased social media presence via Linkedin and Twitter to keep you updated more frequently
  • A more comprehensive Support section for users of Odette services, including “How to” videos for the more complex issues
  • A new searchable OFTP2 Users Directory, with more than 2000 companies currently registered (If your company uses OFTP2 but is not yet registered, click here to add your details).
Plus much, much more…..

We hope like it but we are happy to receive any suggestion for improvement.

The Odette International Team

Important Note:

The new website incorporates the features that were previously provided by the Odette Forum website https://forum.odette.org and the Odette Shop website http://shop.odette.org. These sites are no longer maintained and should not be used. The Odette CA service www.odetteca.com and the Odette OSCAR service https://oscar.odette.org continue to be provided via their own separate websites.