Odette Council

The Odette Council represents a cross-section of member companies and is responsible for maintaining Odette’s commitment to a seamless, efficient, and responsible supply chain.

The Council provides strategic direction and oversees Odette’s collaborative effort to build and enhance our industry’s competitiveness.

Odette Board

The members of the Odette Board of Directors are the heads of the four National Organisations who are the shareholders of Odette International.

FranceGilles Sexton, Director, GALIA
GermanyRobert Cameron, Head of Logistics Department, VDA

SwedenMichael Bogren, Managing Director, Odette Sweden
United Kingdom Yung Tran, Head of Member Services, SMMT

Central Office

The Central Office manages Odette activities on a day to day basis.

Stephanie Bioux

Rob Exell


Guillaume Francois

Beysun Sen Duru

ICT & Security
Joerg Walther (VDA)

Nurcan Akkaya