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Packaging has a significant impact on logistics and supply chain performance and is considered as one of the key areas where significant savings can be realised. In the automotive supply chain, packaging has become almost as important as the parts themselves. It not only needs to maintain the quality of the parts during production, transport and storage, it must also enable the shipping and storage of optimum quantities and facilitate the efficient replenishment and picking of parts lineside.

To avoid waste and reduce costs a circular economy with durable, reusable packaging is standard in the automotive industry and it is essential to ensure that the correct type and quantity of empty reusable packaging items are made available in good time to the suppliers of parts. As durable packaging items represent significant assets for their owners, a close control of the logistics processes for empty packaging becomes even more important. At the same time, the demands for data on any remaining disposable packaging are increasing exponentially as legislation concerning recycling and efficient waste management begins to bite.

Effective management of the packaging process and accurate sharing of packaging data between customers, suppliers and third-party packaging pool managers can only be achieved through standardisation and digitalisation. Odette provides a suite of standardised messages for the digitalisation of these packaging management processes.


Packaging Manufacturers Performance Management

Effective management of packaging items has a significant impact on increasing the efficiency in automotive inbound supply chain and packaging manufacturers play a key role in this process.

Packaging Master Data Exchange

Accurate and timely Packaging Master Data (PMD) are a prerequisite to support efficient packaging management processes. However, a diversity of portal or cloud based solutions are used to communicate those data that do not address full automation for the exchange of PMD.


Packaging Management Guidelines

This recommendation aims to define the essential preconditions for efficient packaging management such as master data management as well as pool installation and maintenance.

It also describes the core operational processes such as packaging agreement, packaging accounting and the empty packaging supply chain.

As each partner has their own system solution, whether using standard or proprietary software, the focus of this recommendation is the description of common process patterns which enable the use of standardised messages in the information exchange between partners.

Reference LG14

Version 1.0

Published Sept 2017

Packaging Order Family

The Packaging Order family of messages covers the Order Proposal, the Order, the Order Change and the Order Response. An introduction to the family is also provided.

Reference OM 30/31/32/33

Version 1.1

Published Mar 2020

Packaging Transport Family

The Packaging Transport family is split into 2 options. One option is based on using the DESADV message which is widely used in the automotive industry, the other option is based on using IFTxxx messages which are widely used by the transport industry. Users can decide which option is more suited to their own operations and those of their partners.

Reference OM 35/36/37/38/39

Version 1.1

Published Mar 2020

Packaging Despatch Family

The Packaging Despatch family includes the advance notification of packaging delivery and the actual despatch advice. An introduction to this family is also included.

Reference OM 34/40

Version 1.1

Published Mar 2020

Packaging Delivery Family

The Packaging Delivery family includes messages that provide status information about the delivery both while it is transit and after it is has been unloaded at the destination. An introduction is included with each message.

Reference OM41 - OM42

Version 1.1

Published Mar 2020