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Despatch & Receive


Information about deliveries is some of the most important information exchanged between supply chain partners in an industry which operates on JIT and JIS principles, facilitated by standardised digital messages.

The Despatch Advice message (DESADV) aka Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) gives customers confidence that parts required for production will arrive on time, allows them to prepare for their reception and facilitates the automation of their goods receiving process.

It can also be sent to the service provider involved in the transportation of the parts to assist their operations, especially where any cross-dock activity is involved.

On the supplier side, the Despatch Advice message can serve as a basis for the subsequent invoicing process ensuring automatic matching and eliminating delays in payment.

If any discrepancies between advised and actually received deliveries do appear, these can be reported using the Receiving Advice message (RECADV), allowing the supplier to take immediate corrective action to avoid disruptions to production on the customer side.

Delivery is undoubtedly the area with the most potential to bring further efficiencies to the overall logistics process and Odette works closely with member companies to ensure that the associated standard digital messages can support the process improvements required by the industry.

  • news

    Digital standard for Proof of Origin declarations

    01 Dec 2021

    Proof of origin declarations are made by suppliers to provide customers with the information needed to prove their eligibility for preferential rates of duty when exporting their goods to other countries. Although there is a standard format for such declarations there has been no standard way of transmitting the information. Until now.

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    Odette launches API Expert Group

    18 Jan 2023

    Digitalisation of the automotive supply chain continues apace and APIs appear to be the tool of choice to fill the gaps and supplement well established digital infrastructures. Odette has therefore set up an API Expert Group dedicated to developing rules for a standardised approach to API implementation and applying them to selected business cases.


Joint Automotive Despatch Advice Message

EDI Implementation Guideline


Based on EDIFACT D.07A - Syntax v4

(File must be opened with Adobe Acrobat to access attachments)

Reference JM03

Version 2022

Published Sept 2022

Odette Despatch Advice Message

EDI Implementation Guideline


Based on EDIFACT DESADV D.96A - Syntax v4

Reference OM08

Version 6.0

Published Sept 2022

Joint Automotive Receiving Advice Message

EDI Implementation Guideline


Based on EDIFACT D.07A - Syntax v4

(File must be opened with Adobe Acrobat to access attachments)

Reference JM05

Version 2022

Published Sept 2022

Managing Inbound Transport with Mobile Apps

The recommendation describes a standard model for the exchange of data between the yard management systems of the plants and the transport management system of the transport service providers. Based on this recommendation, application developers will be able to develop and programme the various IT systems in such a way that the requirements for the operational control of transport in the arrival area are supported uniformly across all apps.

Reference OT10

Version 1.0

Published Sept 2020

Suppliers Long Term Declaration Message

XML Implementation Guideline

Specifies a data exchange procedure and structured format for the transmission of supplier declarations to customers concerning the origin of the parts they are supplying The declaration in the form of an XML message can be processed automatically in the customer system.

Includes XML Guideline, XML Schema file and associated technical artefacts and business rules for the use of the XML Suppliers Long Term Declaration as well as examples visualised as forms.

Reference OM47

Version 1.0

Published Dec 2021

Odette Application Error and Acknowledgement

EDI Implementation Guideline


Based on EDIFACT APERAK D.08A - Syntax v4

This message supports automated error handling for incoming EDI messages such as Despatch Advice or Invoice, including:

- Acknowledgement of receipt of the incoming message
- Reporting of syntax errors which prevent further processing.
- Reporting of actual data errors

Reference OM44

Version 3.0

Published Sept 2022