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The labelling of boxes and containers is essential to ensure that the parts contained within them are delivered successfully through the automotive supply chain to the correct destination, whether that is a warehouse location or a specific station alongside the assembly line. Labels also facilitate the digitalisation of the despatch, transport and receiving processes, historically through the use of bar-codes, both linear and 2D, but now increasingly through the use of ‘smart labels’ incorporating RFID tags.

Suppliers would, however, struggle to cope if each customer or transporter requested labels of different sizes, with different content using different coding standards and since the 1980s Odette has been at the forefront of developing label standards, using both bar coding and RFID, which are in widespread use throughout the global supply chain.


Global Transport Label - European Profile

Members of the JAIF combined the best features from their own label standards – including ISO 15394, ANSI MH10.8.1, the Odette Transport Label and the AIAG B-10 to produce a standard Global Transport Label which includes features such as the ISO “Licence plate,” Linear Bar Code 128 and 2D Data Matrix, QR Code and PDF417. Based on this standard, Odette has further developed and maintained a European profile.

Reference LL08

Version 2.02

Published May 2021

Global Transport Label

This document details common Global Transportation Label standards on container-labelling for use by suppliers and customers, and has been updated to include Data Matrix and QR code 2D symbologies. It was developed by collaboration between the members of Odette, AIAG and JAMA automotive associations representing more than 80% of worldwide production.

Reference LL07

Version 3.0

Published Nov 2010

Odette Transport Label - Large (OTL1)

This is the original A5 Odette Transport Label (210mm x 102mm) which is designed to be used on product packaging units and transport packaging units sent between supplier and customer. First introduced in the 1980s, this label spec has been updated several times and is still in widespread use in the automotive industry today.

Reference LL03

Version 1.4.1

Published Mar 2007

Odette Transport Label - Small (OTL3)

This Odette label (210mm x 74mm) was introduced to allow its use on smaller units where the original A5 label was too large. It also allows for the inclusion of additional logistics information to facilitate the automated movement of product packaging units from warehouse to trackside.

Reference LL02

Version 3.1

Published Oct 2005