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Finished Vehicle Logistics

Digitalising Finished Vehicle distribution. A cooperation between Odette and ECG, the Association of European Vehicle Logistics


Finished vehicle logistics concerns the activities involved in the movement of a vehicle from the time it leaves the OEM production line until it reaches the dealer or final customer. Besides the actual transport of the vehicle, which can be made by road, rail, sea and even air, other important activities include storage, post-production modification, maintenance, repair and pre-delivery inspection.

This is a highly specialised sector of the transportation industry with very specific requirements but while the digitalisation of supply chain processes upstream from the vehicle manufacturers has been underway for many years, the downstream processes have been somewhat overlooked in the drive towards standardisation. Each major player developed their own proprietary solution which posed a serious challenge for logistics service providers and limited the flexibility of OEMs to improve their distribution processes.

In 2019 Odette and ECG, the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, formed an alliance to share experience and develop standards that meet the business requirements of both the OEMs and their service providers in outbound logistics.

A first result of this alliance is a set of UN/EDIFACT and XML messages covering the complete FVL communication process. Published in 2020, this message set is now implemented by several vehicle manufacturers, compound operators and vehicle forwarders. Further projects are now underway to standardise other aspects of Finished Vehicle Logistics.


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    KPIs for Finished Vehicle Logistics

    31 May 2022

    Vehicle manufacturers use KPIs to measure the performance of their LSPs but even if there has often been some commonality of purpose, the methods of measurement have not always been the same and standardisation was much needed.

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    Finished Vehicle Logistics goes digital

    15 Sept 2020

    A first collaboration between ECG – the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, VDA – Verband der Automobilindustrie and Odette International.


Key Performance Indicators for FVL

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) play a major role in Finished Vehicle Logistics operations including the management of vehicle inventory, transportation and distribution to dealers and other end customers. Monitoring the performance of Finished Vehicle LSPs is therefore an essential part of a vehicle manufacturer’s operations.

Labels for Finished Vehicle Logistics

In the Finished Vehicle distribution process, LSPs are expected to identify individual vehicles by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is printed on a label and attached to the vehicle by the OEM after it leaves the production line.


RFID in Vehicle Distribution Processes

This Odette recommendation describes the processes and methods of tracking and tracing vehicles in the distribution processes from factory to dealer using RFID technology and a smart label. It has been developed to move towards achieving widespread standardisation of RFID component usage, tag data storage and RFID technology implementation across vehicle distribution chains.

Reference LR02

Version 1.0

Published Jan 2010

VIN Labels in the Vehicle Distribution Process

Developed by Odette and ECG, this recommendation has the following objectives:

- Define a standard location and fixing method for the vehicle identification label
- Recommend a size and layout for the vehicle identification label
- Define a minimum content for the vehicle identification label
- Recommend a bar-coding standard
- Provide recommendations for the quality of the vehicle identification label

Reference FV26

Version 1.0

Published Nov 2022

Digitalisation of Finished Vehicle Logistics

This Recommendation covers typical logistics and service processes undertaken in the distribution of finished vehicles between vehicle manufacturers and their dealerships or other end customers. It specifies standard electronic messages for automated data exchange between vehicle manufacturers (or other shippers) and providers of logistic services. These logistics services can include transport, storage, maintenance, repair and any other actions that may be required during the movement of vehicles from the manufacturer to the dealership.

A set of messages associated with this Recommendation has been developed to cover all communication processes currently defined as being required between partners (vehicle shippers and logistics service providers) in the Finished Vehicle distribution chain.

Reference FV00

Version 1.00

Published Jun 2020

Finished Vehicle Logistics - EDIFACT Messages

EDI Implementation Guidelines

A suite of 12 EDIFACT messages have been developed jointly by ECG, Odette and VDA to cover the entire outbound logistics processes as described in the Finished Vehicle Logistics Process Description (FV00). The publication also includes example use cases and sample messages for each logistics process.

Reference FV01-FV12

Version 1.1

Published Sept 2022

Finished Vehicle Logistics - XML Messages

XML Implementation Guidelines

A suite of 9 XML messages have been developed jointly by ECG, Odette and VDA to cover the entire outbound logistics processes as described in the Finished Vehicle Logistics Process Description (FV00). The publication also includes example use cases and XSD schema files to help users during the implementation of XML messages.

Reference FV13-FV22

Version 1.1

Published Sept 2022

Key Performance Indicators for Finished Vehicle Logistics

Provides a consolidation of existing and new KPIs for use between OEMs and logistics service providers involved in the transport of the finished vehicles and their interim storage during the transport process.

Includes a definition of 9 indicators (objectives, scope, how to measure) and a description of application and communication conditions.

Reference FV25

Version 1.0

Published May 2022

Vehicle and Transport Status Code List

This Code List document is a support for the FVL messages which are used to provide status information related to individual vehicles and to any truck on which they are being transported. It is published separately because it is expected to be more volatile than the specifications of the status report messages themselves.

The status report messages involved are FV09/FV12 (EDIFACT) and FV16/FV17 (XML).

Reference FV24

Version 1.0

Published Jun 2020