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Odette is a pan-European collaboration and services platform working for the entire automotive network. We bring together supply chain professionals and technology experts to create standards, develop best practice and provide services which support logistics management, e-business communications and engineering data exchange throughout the world. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the European automotive industry within the global economy. 


Supply Chain Management Capability Assessment

Balancing the demands of customers with available resources is no easy task and supply chain professionals need to know which parts of the logistics process are working efficiently and which parts need to be improved.

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Odette File Transfer Protocol v2

Automotive supply chains are now globally distributed, with business partners and decentralised project teams needing to exchange large volumes of information across the world quickly and securely.

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Odette ID

Identification Codes

Efficient supply chains require consistent and unique identification codes, but businesses often identify themselves and their different internal entities using a mixture of their own codes and codes provided by external organisations. This can lead to confusion and compatibility problems.

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Odette CA

Digital Certificates

The internet is used increasingly for exchanging business data, but business partners must have trust in one another before they will exchange confidential and sensitive information across the public network.

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SME Digital Connector

SMEs working with larger partners in the automotive supply chain are usually expected to use an EDI system that is mandated by the larger partner. The large number of different EDI systems makes life very difficult for SMEs who need to trade with multiple partners.

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