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for the automotive supply chain

Digitalisation demands Standardisation

Our mission

To improve the efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the European automotive industry within the global economy.

To realise this mission, Odette develops standards and provides tools and services which support the digitalisation of logistics management and supply chain communications throughout the world.

Thousands of automotive companies use Odette standards and depend on the integrity, reliability and security of Odette services.

Latest News

  • Meet the Odette Team at Forum Automobil Logistik

    25 May 2023

    The next Forum Automobil Logistik, FAL2023, will take place on 21 & 22 June at Schaeffler Technologies in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Together with the VDA, Odette will present Transparency in Transport: Using Mobile Technology to bridge the visibility gap.

  • Meet Odette at GALIA Day

    17 May 2023

    GALIA Day 2023 will take place in Paris on 13 June. Odette will be there to discuss with Michelin the advantages of implementing an MMOG assessment process and how the new version 6 addresses the latest supply chain challenges.

  • The new Odette GTL Generator. Successful labelling everytime!

    12 May 2023

    An increasing number of OEMs and Tier1 suppliers are requiring their suppliers to implement the GTL however not all suppliers have the appropriate back-end systems to produce these labels to the correct specification consistently.

Our Standards

Odette develops standards which help automotive industry companies overcome the constant challenges arising in their supply chain operations.

The great strength of our standards is that they are created by people who are the experts in their field and know the real needs of the companies they represent. They are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant in the ever-evolving automotive world and new ones are developed to meet fresh challenges as they arise.

We know, however, that the value of standards lies in wide-scale adoption, so we make them freely available to the whole community.

Our services


Supply Chain Management Capability Assessment

Developed by Odette and AIAG, MMOG is the recognised standard for evaluating supply chain management capability in the global automotive industry. OEMs and Suppliers use MMOG as a unique self-assessment and continuous improvement tool.

Learn more about MMOG


Odette File Transfer Protocol v2

Designed for secure data exchange over the public Internet. OFTP2 is the most trusted protocol for automated, standardised data exchange, between partners of all sizes in the automotive industry.

Learn more about OFTP2

Odette CA

OdetteSecure Digital Certificates

Delivering a trusted certificate management solution to the industry worldwide, digital certificates issued by the Odette CA enable file encryption, proof of origin and integrity checking which ensure the total security and confidentiality of business data sent across the public internet.

Learn more about Odette CA

Odette ID

OdetteSecure Identification Codes

An internationally recognised coding system for legal companies and their sub-entities, both physical and logical, such as production plants, warehouses, commercial departments and OFTP servers.

Learn more about Odette ID

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Odette in numbers

  • 10000 Sites using MMOG
  • 8000 Conference Delegates
  • 1800 Member companies
  • 70 Countries where our services are used
  • 39 Years working for the industry
  • 1 Global Community

Odette Conference

Where automotive logistics and automotive IT come together

Supported by all major players in the automotive industry, with delegates from more than 30 countries, the Odette Conference is recognised as the leading event for automotive industry executives and experts wishing to learn more about the strategies and experiences of their customers, suppliers and competitors in the fields of Digitalisation, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Communications, Data Security.

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