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20 - 21 November 2023


22nd Odette International Automotive Conference for Supply Chain Professionals and Digital Transformation Experts

Few people could have predicted the way the world is today. Geopolitical turmoil, trade wars, real wars, pandemics, rapidly evolving technology and social movements demanding drastic reductions in emissions have resulted in an automotive production environment that is more volatile than at any other time in its history. This volatility means that those who wish to survive must have a flexible and sustainable supply chain capable of reacting quickly and withstanding the pressures of an uncertain and fast-moving environment.

Supply Chain Management in the automotive industry is attracting more investment than ever and has evolved from player to orchestra director, federating internal and external partners. In taking this leading position, supply chain managers have quickly realised that digitalisation and standardisation are two sides of the same coin and that collaboration across the industry is vital to success.

But digitalisation is not the only road to supply chain sustainability and it is clear that other, dare we say more traditional, technologies still have a significant role to play in the drive to save the planet.

What people say about the Odette Conference

“It is essential for me to come to the Odette conference because in 2 days I solve more problems than in a week in the office.”

Volkswagen delegate

“It’s about learning from others and using that knowledge in my day to day job.”

Hella delegate

“It is essential for our company to support the Odette conference to meet our business partners.”

Renault delegate

“I use what I have learned at the Odette Conference everyday with my team.”

Michelin delegate

Speakers & Programme


12.00 Registration/Networking lunch

13.30 Programme starts

What does a sustainable supply chain look like for Renault?

  • Jean-François SALLES

    Global Vice President of Supply Chain

    Renault Group

The impact of Inbound Transparency on in-house processes

  • Sören STADE

    Head of Digitalisation Transport Network

    Volkswagen Group

14.45 Breakout - Meeting the sustainability challenge

It’s time to take on the climate challenge!

  • Jessica ÖHRBLAD

    Vice President Strategy & Digitalization

    Volvo Group Trucks Operations

Due Diligence: Enabling a responsible supply chain


    Sustainability Programme Manager


14.45 Breakout - EDI: The enduring technology

EDI challenges in Zanini CZ

  • Michal DROZDIK

    IT Manager

    Zanini CZ

Giving back control to business departments with EDI as a Service

  • Zsolt DÖME

    Global IT Lead (CIO)

    Fuba Automotive Electronics

15.45 Networking break

16.30 Breakout - Supply chain crisis: Can technology come to the rescue?

AI in aftermarket demand and inventory planning – challenges and opportunities

  • Dr. Welf SCHNEIDER

    Supply Planning Distribution Network Automotive Aftermarket

    Robert Bosch

  • Miriam KOBOLD

    Supply Planning Distribution Network Automotive Aftermarket

    Robert Bosch, Automotive Aftermarket

Intelligent logistics networks

  • Christian SCHWEDE

    Professor for Big Data Analytics

    University of Bielefeld

16.30 Breakout - Global standards for global players

Global EDI Standards: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Michael SPAETH

    VP Lean Research & Digital Development


Enabling automated goods receiving using global standards

  • Rabea BARTYLLA

    Process Excellence Expert Service Source to Delivery 4.0 Solutions

    Robert Bosch

17.30 Breakout - Digitalising the supply chain from OEM to dealership

Next steps in outbound logistics digitalisation


    Executive Director

    The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG)

Future-proofing communications in finished vehicle logistics

  • Benedict BAYER

    Product Owner


  • Karsten KAMPOWSKY

    Head of Product Management

    RIO | The Logistics Flow

17.30 Breakout - Achieving real ‘real time visibility'

API Communication in the Transport Chain - Key to More Transparency?

  • Andrea SŰMER

    Supply Chain Expert


Digital economy in automotive without APIs? Impossible!

  • Peter HÖFNER

    IT Integration Architect


18.30 Networking cocktail and dinner


09.15 Welcome back

Dealing with the semi-conductor crisis

  • Robert CAMERON

    Head of Production, Logistics & Aftermarket, Chairman Odette International


Migrating a multi-brand group to common supply-chain standards

  • Michael GORNY

    Vice President Supply Chain Transformation Projects


10.15 Networking break

11.00 Breakout - Packaging: Protecting your assets

Packaging quality: The crucial role of Packaging Manufacturers in the automotive supply chain


    Packaging Engineering and Operations

    Nissan Motors UK

Packaging visibility: Keeping a permanent eye on your assets

  • Eric LAMBERT

    Vice President Global - Packaging


11.00 Breakout - Supply chain set-up and integration

Optimising the digital onboarding of business partners

  • Pierre GABAUD

    Supply Chain Transformation Expert


IPOs in isolation

  • Stella STANTON

    Solutions Compliance

    Lucid Motors

12.00 Networking lunch

13.15 Breakout - Tools for the extended supply chain

Blockchain: an essential vector of operational excellence?


    Blockchain Project Vice President

    Renault Group

Transporters: A vital link to visibility

  • Pascal BORN

    Vice President, Strategic Account Management


13.15 Breakout - The EV supply chain

Next generation supply chains for new energy vehicles

  • Achim GLASS

    Global Head of Automotive + New Mobility


Packing the Power: The future for EV battery transportation

  • Safak AKTEKIN

    Senior Commercial Director

    CHEP Automotive EU & NA

14.15 Breakout - The scene in Central Europe

Establishing a car plant in Central Europe: Challenges & lessons learned

  • David BRINDLEY

    Senior Manager – MP&L Nitra

    Jaguar Land Rover

14.15 Breakout - The true role of customs in global exchanges

Brexit: Barriers and Bridges

  • Olivier THOUARD

    Deputy Director of Customs Affairs

    Bollore Transport & Logistics

15.00 The next version of MMOG/LE is on the way

Next version of MMOG/LE is on the way

  • Christian AIGNER

    SCM Supplier Readiness & Development


  • Natalia GAINAR

    Customer Process Management Team


  • Guillaume FRANCOIS

    Project Manager

    Odette International

  • James LIEGGHIO

    Programme Manager



    Supplier Management

    Volvo Group

  • Patrick REILHAC

    Logistics Project Manager



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Sponsoring and exhibiting at the event

Odette automotive supply chain conferences bring together some of the most well-known and forward-thinking experts in the industry, along with representatives from a wide variety of organisations at every level of the global supply chain.

Exhibitors meet with key decision makers from automotive companies worldwide – Odette conferences offer unparalleled opportunities for networking with potential customers and provides customers with a chance to engage with new suppliers. True to the Odette ethos, the conference also provides an ideal environment for competitors to share ideas and concepts and pave the way for mutually beneficial collaboration.

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If you are:

Technical experts – solutions providers, software developers, hardware manufacturers and systems integrators.

Consultants – e-Business, engineering collaboration, sourcing, cross-border invoicing and supply chain management experts.

Marketplace specialists – transport companies, inventory management businesses, logistics service providers and VANs/EDI hub representatives.


We have all recognised lately the value of face to face networking to build stronger relationships crucial to conduct business successfully. That's why we are planning even longer breaks to make sure you can connect with everyone.

Our VIP Sponsor, EDITEL, provider of EDI solutions, is offering conference delegates an exceptional evening networking event. Special circumstances require special measures and EDITEL have chosen to welcome everyone in the exceptional historic Zofin Palace in the heart of Prague on the scenic Slovansky Island. Starting with a cocktail in the exhibition area, delegates will be transported to this special location to send the evening with colleagues, competitors and customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Site Visits

A choice of visits is offered free of charge.

Optional visits offered free of charge to conference delegates with limited availability on a “first come first served” basis. Departure by bus from Cubex Centre on Monday morning.

Book your visit when registering.

  • Valeo R&D

    During this 2-hour visit, you will tour the laboratories, get a demo of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) on test vehicles, demo of testing in virtual reality and demo of big data management.

    Leaves at 8H30.
    Returns at 12H00

  • Prague City Tour

    Discover the most famous sights and hidden gems of Prague. Travel by bus to the city centre, where the walking tour will start. Prague Castle, Old Town and Old Town Square, Charles Bridge….. you will see them all on this private guided tour.