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20 - 21 November 2023

Titanic Chaussee Hotel

22nd Odette International Automotive Conference for Supply Chain Professionals and Digital Transformation Experts

Still Building Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply Chain Management in the automotive industry is attracting more investment than ever and has evolved from a service and support function to a strategic ‘C-suite’ concern. In taking this leading position, supply chain VPs have quickly realised that digitalisation demands standardisation and that collaboration across the industry to develop and implement further digital standards is vital for survival.

Odette has been at the forefront of the development of digital standards for the automotive supply chain for almost 40 years and we look forward to continuing to mobilise the automotive community to overcome the major challenges ahead.

What people say about the Odette Conference

The Odette Conference is a place where you will share knowledge and meet major actors of the digital supply chain. Besides following the conference sessions to keep informed of the industry evolutions, my objectives at Odette2022 were to ensure the transmission of knowledge and expertise by introducing my young colleagues to the people I regularly communicate with and to speak with a customer on a specific project. This was done within minutes of our arrival as my Odette contacts immediately put me in touch with THE person I was looking for.

I recommend the Odette conferences to suppliers who want to anticipate changes and stay informed.

Marie Ammerich, Supply Chain Projects Engineer at L&L Products

It was a pleasure to participate and thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce Stellantis ambitions and the challenges ahead of us. Odette is a strong partner and the standards created are well taken into account in achieving the convergence of our Group companies.

Michael Gorny, VP Supply Chain Transformation at Stellantis

I really enjoyed the presentations as well as the discussions at the conference.

My congratulations on your excellent organization which was the perfect mix of a highly professional event and a great feel-good get-together of the industry.

Christian Moser, Global Solution Manager e-mobility, DBSchenker

2023 Headlines

Managing an ever-changing Regulatory Landscape

Overview of global Governance and Regulations
Tips for handling Customs
eFTI Regulation
Preparing for mandatory eInvoicing and Tax Reporting
Demystifying ViDA: overview and plans

Transforming Finished Vehicle Logistics

Digital Messages Implementations
Integrating small Operators
VIN Labels Implementation

Building an EV Supply Chain

Building EV Trucks
Adapting to become an EV component supplier
Manufacturing batteries
Battery Passport

Bridging the Visibility Gap with API

Standardisation of processes supporting API exchanges
Using mobile technology to bridge the visibility gap
Latest data integration concepts

Upskilling the total Supply Chain

Digitalisation of SMEs, easier said than done
Deploying a supplier assessment process with MMOG

Using AI to improve decision making

Big Data and AI
Decision support with AI in demand management

The Future for Supply Chain Communications

What is the future for EDIFACT standards?

Automotive Packaging and the Circular Economy

The Truth about Sustainability
Reducing Packaging Waste
Packaging Tax - Initiatives in Europe
Exchanging Packaging Data to fulfill legal Reporting


Timing (subject to change)
Monday 20 November
12.00 – 23.00: Conference programme and networking events

Tuesday 21 November
09.30 – 16.00: Conference programme

All-inclusive Pass: Attendance on both days, visits, conference proceedings, networking events, lunches, cocktail, etc.

Member Fee: Available to members of: AIAG, ECG, GALIA, JAMA/JAPIA, Odette Sweden, OSD, SMMT, VDA

Early Adopter Fee: Saving €200. Available to the first 200 registrants

Member - Early Adopter - €450.00
Other - Early Adopter - €850.00

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Sponsoring and exhibiting at the event

Odette automotive supply chain conferences bring together some of the most well-known and forward-thinking experts in the industry, along with representatives from a wide variety of organisations at every level of the global supply chain.

Exhibitors meet with key decision makers from automotive companies worldwide – Odette conferences offer unparalleled opportunities for networking with potential customers and provides customers with a chance to engage with new suppliers. True to the Odette ethos, the conference also provides an ideal environment for competitors to share ideas and concepts and pave the way for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Request Sponsorship and Exhibition Information Conference

If you are:

Technical experts – solutions providers, software developers, hardware manufacturers and systems integrators.

Consultants – e-Business, engineering collaboration, sourcing, cross-border invoicing and supply chain management experts.

Marketplace specialists – transport companies, inventory management businesses, logistics service providers and VANs/EDI hub representatives.


We all recognise the value of face-to-face networking to build the strong relationships which are crucial for our business. That's why we ensure that those all-important breaks are long enough to allow real connections to be made.

Conference delegates are invited to our renowned networking evening event which, as always with the Odette Conference, will take place in top class surroundings allowing you to converse with customers, colleagues and competitors in a chic and convivial atmosphere.

Venue and Hotel


Titanic Chaussee Berlin
Chausseestraße 30
10115 Berlin

[Travel and Parking information coming up]


Titanic Chaussee Berlin
Phone: +49 30 3116 8580



What does a sustainable supply chain look like for Renault?

  • Jean-François SALLES

    Global Vice President of Supply Chain

    Renault Group

The impact of Inbound Transparency on in-house processes

  • Sören STADE

    Head of Digitalisation Transport Network

    Volkswagen Group

It’s time to take on the climate challenge!

  • Jessica ÖHRBLAD

    Vice President Strategy & Digitalization

    Volvo Group Trucks Operations

Due Diligence: Enabling a responsible supply chain


    Sustainability Programme Manager


EDI challenges in Zanini CZ

  • Michal DROZDIK

    IT Manager

    Zanini CZ

Giving back control to business departments with EDI as a Service

  • Zsolt DÖME

    Global IT Lead (CIO)

    Fuba Automotive Electronics

AI in aftermarket demand and inventory planning – challenges and opportunities

  • Dr. Welf SCHNEIDER

    Supply Planning Distribution Network Automotive Aftermarket

    Robert Bosch

  • Miriam KOBOLD

    Supply Planning Distribution Network Automotive Aftermarket

    Robert Bosch, Automotive Aftermarket

Intelligent logistics networks

  • Christian SCHWEDE

    Professor for Big Data Analytics

    University of Bielefeld

Global EDI Standards: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Michael SPAETH

    VP Lean Research & Digital Development


Enabling automated goods receiving using global standards

  • Rabea BARTYLLA

    Process Excellence Expert Service Source to Delivery 4.0 Solutions

    Robert Bosch

Next steps in outbound logistics digitalisation


    Executive Director

    The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG)

Future-proofing communications in finished vehicle logistics

  • Benedict BAYER

    Product Owner


  • Karsten KAMPOWSKY

    Head of Product Management

    RIO | The Logistics Flow

API Communication in the Transport Chain - Key to More Transparency?

  • Andrea SŰMER

    Supply Chain Expert


Digital economy in automotive without APIs? Impossible!

  • Peter HÖFNER

    IT Integration Architect


Dealing with the semi-conductor crisis

  • Robert CAMERON

    Head of Production, Logistics & Aftermarket, Chairman Odette International


Migrating a multi-brand group to common supply-chain standards

  • Michael GORNY

    Vice President Supply Chain Transformation Projects


Packaging quality: The crucial role of Packaging Manufacturers in the automotive supply chain


    Packaging Engineering and Operations

    Nissan Motors UK

Packaging visibility: Keeping a permanent eye on your assets

  • Eric LAMBERT

    Vice President Global - Packaging


Optimising the digital onboarding of business partners

  • Pierre GABAUD

    Supply Chain Transformation Expert


IPOs in isolation

  • Stella STANTON

    Solutions Compliance

    Lucid Motors

Blockchain: an essential vector of operational excellence?


    Blockchain Project Vice President

    Renault Group

Transporters: A vital link to visibility

  • Pascal BORN

    Vice President, Strategic Account Management


Next generation supply chains for new energy vehicles

  • Achim GLASS

    Global Head of Automotive + New Mobility


Packing the Power: The future for EV battery transportation

  • Safak AKTEKIN

    Senior Commercial Director

    CHEP Automotive EU & NA

Establishing a car plant in Central Europe: Challenges & lessons learned

  • David BRINDLEY

    Senior Manager – MP&L Nitra

    Jaguar Land Rover

Brexit: Barriers and Bridges

  • Olivier THOUARD

    Deputy Director of Customs Affairs

    Bollore Transport & Logistics

Next version of MMOG/LE is on the way

  • Christian AIGNER

    SCM Supplier Readiness & Development


  • Natalia GAINAR

    Customer Process Management Team


  • Guillaume FRANCOIS

    Project Manager

    Odette International

  • James LIEGGHIO

    Programme Manager



    Supplier Management

    Volvo Group

  • Patrick REILHAC

    Logistics Project Manager