Since 1988, ICDSC is a software editor and systems integrator in the EDI and Supply Chain environments.ICDSC helps companies administer, manage, exploit and optimize their strategic data. We have a worldwide reputation and most of our clients come from the automotive and retail industries. ICDSC is a dynamic company, offering high technology products and a large range of services. ICDSC is a member of the GALIA association, the French branch of ODETTE, and actively participates with the workgroups. ICDSC puts on the market the solutions of iPoint, a German editor, specialized in e-business process integration. ICDSC is a leading player in the automotive sector. ICDSC provides the following solutions. Operatesin:18 countries.

EDI solutions:

Supply Chain solutions:

Engineering solutions:

ENX:Services: Telecom and security audit, Consulting, Installation and Training, 24/7 help desk, Shared or dedicated hosting

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