The Drive to Digital: Disruption or Discovery?

International Conference and Exhibition for Automotive Supply Chain Management, Information Technology and Communications

Chaos, confusion and confrontation seem to be the best words to use to describe the global political situation at the moment.

And while our political leaders take us stumbling into the unknown it is left to business to maintain the proven values of co-operation, collaboration and continuity.

Nowhere are these principles better showcased than at the Odette International Conference where automotive supply chain professionals from more than 30 countries meet together with technology experts to exchange ideas and explore the latest trends in logistics and supply chain management.

Super-efficient processes are vital to remaining and succeeding in the automotive business and Information Technology is a key driver in increasing supply chain capabilities, accelerating communications and improving visibility. Businesses are expected to be agile and to embrace not only disruptive technology but also disruptive processes and to introduce new concepts into their operations which can have a major impact on performance. However, in order to optimise investments, it is important to implement change in accordance with standards that are understood and accepted throughout the global supply chain.

"I use what I have learned at the Odette conference everyday with my team"
Michelin delegate

"It is essential for me to come to the Odette conference because in 2 days I solve more problems than in a week in the office"
Volkswagen delegate

"It’s about learning from others and using that knowledge  in my day to day job"
Hella delegate

"It is essential for our company to support the Odette conference to meet our business partners"
Renault delegate

Where automotive logistics and automotive IT come together

12 Nov 2018 - 13 Nov 2018

Lille - France

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Odette2017 Conference


  • Restructuring for Digital Transformation

    • Eric_Marchiol_40_40_c1Eric MARCHIOL, Digital Officer Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing & Supplier Performance, Director, Renault
    More details
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Challenges & Opportunities for the Digital Supply Chain

    • John_Sobeck1_40_40_c1John SOBECK, Vice President, MM Integration SCM, Processes and Systems, Head of MM Services, ZF Group
    More details
  • RFID deployment within Michelin Truck and Bus tires, from cradle to grave

    • PIGEAT_Bertrand_40_40_c1Bertrand PIGEAT, Supply-Chain Director, Truck&Bus global B.U. , Michelin
    More details
  • Digital Transformation – from Vehicle Manufacturer to Digital Solution Provider

    • AAEAAQAAAAAAAAibAAAAJDk5MzY1NTM4LWY3OWItNDhkZS05ZGY5LTdlNDlhN2ZjNTA2NQ_40_40_c1Joachim WALLENSTEIN, Director Marketing & Communication, RIO at M.A.N. Truck and Bus
    More details
  • Making Decisions with a Digital Twin

    • 2016_Reppahn_Thomas_40_40_c1Thomas REPPAHN, Senior Vice President, Logistics Product and Process Management, Schenker Deutschland
    • Odette_2015_1197_40_40_c1Dr. Christian SCHWEDE, Head of Department, Fraunhofer IML
    More details
  • Innovative Automotive Supply Chain Solutions in Turkey

    • Recai_40_40_c1Recai ISIKTAS, Logistics Manager, Ford Otosan
    More details
  • Supply Chain Management in Asia - From Volume to Value

    • ASUBBE_2012_40_40_c1Andreas SUBBE, Director Supply Chain Management Automotive Asia Pacific, Continental Automotive Holding, China
    More details
  • Establishing a robust Supply Network in Africa and the Middle East

    • Gilles_T.__40_40_c1Gilles THOLLOT, International Supply Chain Expert, Group Peugeot
    More details
  • Can last mile logistics challenge the traditional distribution model for automotive service parts?

    • Pascal_Born5_40_40_c1Pascal BORN, Business Development Director Industry, XPOLogistics
    More details
  • Dynamic Product Identification enables Build to Order in Asia

    • Helena ERIKSSON, E2E Business Process Developer, Volvo Group Trucks Operation
    • Lars CEDERHOLM, Senior Business Analyst, EDI & B2B, Volvo Group Trucks Operation
    More details
  • How Connected Technology will give rise to more efficient Supply Chains

    • Michael_Martin_40_40_c1Michael MARTIN, ‎VP Strategic Development Global Automotive, DHL
    More details
  • eInvoicing: An Obligation not a Choice

    • Odette_2015_1090_40_40_c1Jean-Luc FAYE, IS Functional Manager, B2B & EDI Expert, Michelin
    More details
  • Digital Transformation of Packaging Data

    • photo_annesophielandier_(2)__40_40_c1Anne-Sophie LANDIER, Application Manager Inbound Logistics IS, Supply Chain IS Department , Renault
    • Andre_Ferrari1_40_40_c1Andre FERRARI, CEO, Tenor EDI Services
    More details
  • Lean EDI: Supporting the Business Dynamic at an even lower cost

    • John_James_40_40_c1John JAMES , EDI/IT Manager, AGC Glass Europe
    • Wilson_Menezes4_40_40_c1Wilson MENEZES, Product Director, Sintel
    More details
  • Enabling a secure portal-based Engineering Data Exchange with external Partners

    • New_Picture_40_40_c1Thomas GRAWE, Domain Lead Master Data Management, Information Service – Engineering Systems, CLAAS
    More details
  • Where is that Truck, where is that Container? Automatic Ordering and Tracking of Transport

    • Sümer,Andrea_40_40_c1Andrea SUEMER, Logistics Specialist, Volkswagen
    • Patric_galetzka_40_40_c1Patric GALETZKA, Senior Project Manager Logistics, HELLA
    • Markus_Exo1_40_40_c1Markus EXO, Key Account Manager, Duvenbeck
    More details
  • Bringing the Transport Label into the 21st Century

    • Sieck_Thomas_1836_colour_40_40_c1Thomas SIECK, Manager EDI / System Integration - IT Inbound Logistics, Volkswagen
    More details
  • Building an IT infrastructure for RFID

    • John_F_Reimers_40_40_c1John F. REIMERS, Senior Project Manager , Robert Bosch
    More details
  • ISDN is shutting down all over Europe: don’t get cut off from your Customers!

    • Mugshot18_40_40_c1Ebbo BORM, IT Expert, Volkswagen
    • Ronnie_40_40_c1Ronnie BRATTFALK, Teamleader EDI Integration, Scania IT
    • Udo2_40_40_c1Udo THIENELT, Information Competence Centre Manager, Hella
    • Odette_2014_Day2_0822_40_40_c1Joerg WALTHER, Programme Manager EDI, eBusiness, VDA
    More details
  • Automotive Supply Chain Risk: How to measure, how to master?

    • Terry_200_200_40_40_c1Terry ONICA, Director Automotive, QAD
    More details
  • The significance of MMOG/LE to IATF16949 certification

    • Mike_Dickinson_3_40_40_c1Mike DICKINSON, General Manager – Automotive, SMMT IF
    More details

Conference presentations

The conference presentations are available for download. Access is free of charge for conference delegates who can obtain a password.


Site visits

These visits are offered free of charge to conference delegates.

  • BMW Motorcycle

    If you would like to know more and experience the fascination of a highly modern vehicle production, book the BMW Motorcycle Plant Tour. You will be able to see the entire process chain - from the beginning to a packed motorcycle ready for dispatch.

  • Pierburg

    Pierburg has traditionally been one of the closest partners to the automotive industry. At the forefront of innovation, Pierburg helps to create economically and ecologically optimised vehicles. Discover also how to minimize the impact of production facilities on the environment.


Who exhibits?

The Odette2017 automotive supply chain conference will brought together some of the most well-known and forward-thinking experts in the industry, along with representatives from a wide variety of organisations at every level of the global supply chain.

Exhibitors met with key decision makers from automotive companies worldwide – Odette2017 offered unparalleled opportunities for networking with potential customers and provides customers with a chance to engage with new suppliers. True to the Odette ethos, the conference also provided an ideal environment for competitors to share ideas and concepts and pave the way for mutually beneficial collaboration.

 Click here to request Odette2018 Exhibition Information

If you are:

Technical experts – solutions providers, software developers, hardware manufacturers and systems integrators.

Consultants – e-Business, engineering collaboration, sourcing, cross-border invoicing and supply chain management experts.

Marketplace specialists – transport companies, inventory management businesses, logistics service providers and VANs/EDI hub representatives.

Evening Networking

Capitalise on this unique opportunity where logistics and IT professionals from the global automotive industry come together under one roof.

Starting with a cocktail in the exhibition area, delegates will be transported to a special location for an entertaining evening dinner offered free of charge. This is one of the highlights of the Conference and is an excellent opportunity to network and spend the evening with colleagues and customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

The evening promises to be a lively highlight of the conference. It must be booked at time of registration to guarantee access.

Bring lots of business cards!