Building Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains

New dates: 23-24 May 2022

21st Odette International Automotive Conference & Exhibition for Supply Chain Professionals and Digital Transformation Experts

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Few could have predicted the way the world is today. Pandemics, geopolitical turmoil, trade wars, rapidly evolving technology and social movements demanding drastic reductions in emissions have resulted in an automotive production environment that is more volatile than at any other time in its history. This volatility means that those who wish to survive must have a flexible and sustainable supply chain capable of reacting quickly and withstanding the pressures of an uncertain and ever-changing world.

Supply Chain Management in the automotive industry is attracting more investment than ever and has evolved from player to orchestra director, federating internal and external partners. In taking this leading position, supply chain managers have quickly realised that digitalisation and standardisation are two sides of the same coin and that collaboration across the industry is vital to success.

But digitalisation is not the only road to supply chain sustainability and it is clear that other, dare we say more traditional, technologies still have a significant role to play in the drive to save the planet. 

Join Odette2021 at the fabulous Cubex Centrum in Prague to find out how major players in the global supply chain are using their collective intelligence to build solutions capable of delivering an agile, holistic and sustainable approach to the unprecedented challenges facing the industry today.

What people say about the Odette Conference

"It is essential for me to come to the Odette conference because in 2 days I solve more problems than in a week in the office"
Volkswagen delegate

"It’s about learning from others and using that knowledge in my day to day job"
Hella delegate

"It is essential for our company to support the Odette conference to meet our business partners"
Renault delegate

"I use what I have learned at the Odette Conference everyday with my team"
Michelin delegate

Where automotive logistics and automotive IT come together

23 May 2022 - 24 May 2022

Prague - Cubex Centrum

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Sponsored by

  • Ralf APPEL

    Ralf APPEL

    Head of Material Logistics
    Volkswagen Group Logistics

  • Houssam HAGE

    Houssam HAGE

    Senior VP Supply Chain Aftermarket
    Peugeot Group

  • Magnus ODLING

    Magnus ODLING

    Senior Director, Logistics Engineering
    Volvo Car



    Senior VP Alliance, Industrial Strategy and Supply Chain Management


Odette2020 topics

Supply Chain – Next Generation 1: Data management and predictive analytics

Demand and inventory planning using AI
Using supply chain data for proactive planning and strategic insights
Digitalisation - bringing production to the next level
Managing the extended supply chain in real time from your Control Tower

Increasing integration and interconnection with all supply chain partners

Logistics Service Providers: taking the lead in supply chain innovation and collaboration
Digitalisation challenges SMEs are facing today
Connecting upstream suppliers with Digital Messaging
Standardising digital messaging for Finished Vehicle Logistics
Integrating packaging pool providers in the digital loop

Securing the supply chain both physically and digitally

Integrating risk management and cybersecurity to ensure the reliability of your supply chain
Securing your supply chain by deploying SCM capability assessments through the Tiers

Supply Chain – Next Generation 2: Data Science and Intelligent Networks

Intelligent Networks: innovative concepts for challenging communication solutions
Leveraging data science to revolutionise supply chain analytics
Does Blockchain have the potential to transform the automotive Supply Chain?

Packaging – Protecting your Assets

Total control of returnable packaging with modern tracking technologies
Benchmarking other industries packaging management best practices
Building strategies for optimised pool management: owning, renting or sharing

Achieving real ‘real time visibility’

Standardised deployment of RFID in automotive
Implementing smart labels for an intelligent supply chain
Challenges and pitfalls of a successful iSupermarket

The future is mobile: Application Programme Interfaces

Understanding APIs and in which areas of the supply chain they can be most effective
API in action: Apps for directing inbound transport

Geopolitical landscape and impact on international operations

Maintaining consistent sourcing strategies and reliable deliveries in a world in turmoil
Braving Brexit: Is your supply chain broken or re-born?

Electric Vehicles

The challenges of effective, efficient and reliable sourcing of EV batteries
Operating two parallel tracks: ICE and EV

Site visits

A choice of visits is offered free of charge.

Optional visits offered free of charge to conference delegates with limited availability on a “first come first served” basis. Departure by bus from the Conference location on Monday morning (exact timings will be confirmed before the event).

Book your visit when registering.

  • Skoda (Mladá Boleslav)

    Mladá Boleslav is not only a production centre for ŠKODA, it is also the home of the Technical Development department. This is the place where mere ideas become reality - from the first design sketches, to functional prototypes - where new models are created and launched into series production.

  • SAS (Mladá Boleslav)

    SAS specialises in the assembly, logistics and development of modules for cars and trucks, delivering high quality,innovative and customer-specific modules precisely when the customer needs them. Placing emphasis on cutting edge technology and the latest standards, SAS has also become a competent partner for further innovative interior and front-end modules in the past ten years.

  • Prague City Tour


Sponsoring and exhibiting at the event

Odette automotive supply chain conferences bring together some of the most well-known and forward-thinking experts in the industry, along with representatives from a wide variety of organisations at every level of the global supply chain.

Exhibitors meet with key decision makers from automotive companies worldwide – Odette conferences offer unparalleled opportunities for networking with potential customers and provides customers with a chance to engage with new suppliers. True to the Odette ethos, the conference also provides an ideal environment for competitors to share ideas and concepts and pave the way for mutually beneficial collaboration.

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If you are:

Technical experts – solutions providers, software developers, hardware manufacturers and systems integrators.

Consultants – e-Business, engineering collaboration, sourcing, cross-border invoicing and supply chain management experts.

Marketplace specialists – transport companies, inventory management businesses, logistics service providers and VANs/EDI hub representatives.

Venue and Hotels


Cubex Centrum
Na Strži 2097/63
140 00 Praha 4


Panorama Hotel Prague 4*
Located next to Cubex Centrum

Rate: Euro114
Rates quoted can represent a saving on normal room late booking rate but it is always possible that better rates may be available at certain times. Always check first directly with the hotel or other booking websites.


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