On-Boarding Tier2 Suppliers with EDI Standards

As one of the top ten automotive suppliers in the world, Faurecia has been exchanging EDI messages with its global OEM customers for many years and now has the objective of establishing similar electronic relationships with its own supply base in the EMEA region which equates to 100 Faurecia plants, 1300 individual suppliers and over 2000 plant/supplier relationships.

A number of these suppliers were already EDI capable and could be quickly on-boarded but the full benefits of productivity gains, no paper, automatic integration, automatic deliveries input, manifest and LISA management, can only be realised when the whole supply base is connected so Faurecia turned to WebEDI to assist them in achieving this goal.

The early results are impressive with 800 plant/supplier relationships already up and running using Odette standards.  Michael Gomez will explain how Faurecia have managed to seamlessly integrate WebEDI into their Supply Chain systems.

Michael GOMEZ