Providing standards, tools and services
for the automotive supply chain

ISO Work Groups

Besides the standards and best practice recommendations provided by Odette and the JAIF , the automotive industry also relies heavily on international (ISO/IEC) standards..

We therefore make every effort to ensure that the interests of the automotive industry are protected in the global standardisation process.

We provide expert representation in the following key Work Groups within ISO:

WG 1: Data carrier/ISO/IEC 18004; QR Code

WG 2: Data and Structure/ISO/IEC 15434; High capacity AIDC media

WG 4: Radio communications/ISO/IEC 18000; Various RFID air interface communication standards, e.g., ISO/IEC 18000-63

WG 8: Application of AIDC standards/ISO/IEC 1736x series of standards


Joerg Walther - Odette