Providing standards, tools and services
for the automotive supply chain

Odette Technology Group (TG)

The TG brings together representatives from OEMs, Suppliers and Technology Providers. It identifies supply chain processes which will benefit most from further digitalisation and focuses on the selection and development of the appropriate information and communication technologies to support Odette Standards. The TG provides the main communication channel between Odette and its Technology Partners, it sets up temporary groups to work on specific initiatives and also establishes specialist Expert Groups to cover different technology areas as required.

Current topics:

  • Standardisation of APIs
  • Digitalisation of transport and goods receiving processes
  • Automatic scheduling and routing of inbound transport
  • Management of packaging
  • Impact of changes in legislation on eInvoicing
  • Development of digital messaging (EDI, XML)
  • Application of autoID technologies
  • Tools and guidelines for secure data exchange


Andrea Suemer - Volkswagen


Peter Sjostrand - Volvo Group