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EDI Implementers: Read on!

01 Apr 2022

Prior to 2022, all JAIF and Odette messages were developed according to Version 3 of ISO 9735 “EDIFACT Application Level Syntax Rules” but from April 2022, the only valid version of ISO 9735 will be Version 4 and all UN/EDIFACT based messages must conform to this version.

Odette recommends the application of ISO 9735 Version 4 Part 11 which allows the creation of a payload compliant to ISO 9735 Version 3 and requires only minimal amendments in service segments. Over the next few months, we will be updating Odette message guidelines and JAIF message guidelines to reflect the new requirements.

It is up to companies to decide when to implement the new syntax version but will undoubtedly need to be able to accept interchanges based on Version 4 from partners at some time in the near future.

For further details, please refer to OS11 Structure of an EDIFACT Interchange