Making RFID work throughout the automotive supply chain

Auto-Id technologies provide a reliable means to identify and track items as they move through the supply chain, providing the visibility that all professional practitioners seek. While some automotive manufacturers investigate the capabilities of other technologies, RFID still tops the list as the favoured technology, assisted by a considerable decrease in the cost of the associated hardware over the past decade.

But effective and rapid deployment of RFID throughout the automotive supply chain depends entirely on the various actors agreeing to use the same technical standards and best practice.

Odette has therefore brought together a group of auto-ID experts from European OEMs, Tier1s and technology providers to agree on the optimum technical infrastructure for the widespread implementation of RFID.

Since the project kicked off in February 2020, the workgroup chaired by Volvo Group has made a concerted attempt to identify all the problems, and potential problems, that have arisen during earlier implementations of the technology, before moving on to prioritise use cases for the identification and tracking of:

  • returnable transport items
  • handling units
  • part/components
  • material handling equipment
  • finished vehicles

There is still much to do, however, so if you are a member of an Odette National Organisation and wish to assist in facilitating the deployment of RFID in the automotive supply chain, please contact