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Ford sees significant benefits in Global Transport Label

30 Apr 2012

The new label will have to be used by suppliers for all shipments to all Ford plants and service operations globally from July 1, 2012 onwards. It will replace the Odette/VDA 4902 transport label currently in use at Ford in Europe, and other labels around the world. 
 It is described in the revised Ford specification BAO-1122-L ‘Shipping Parts / Identification Label Standard (Global)’, dated July 2012. 
 According to Thomas Lieb of Ford’s MP&L Systems Planning and Implementation Department, the benefits are: 
 one common label globally means simplification for both suppliers and Ford easier scanning in supply chain processes with the introduction of the 2D barcode improved material tracking and common readability
 The GTL is being adopted by more and more companies, clearly demonstrating the value of setting global standards.