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MMOG/LE strengthens GM global sourcing

31 Jul 2012

Having a completed assessment on file with the GM Global MMOG/LE Team is an important component in the sourcing process. GM is not requiring that suppliers attain a level "A" classification, but rather engagement in the MMOG/LE assessment process as a whole.

They require the submission of the English version 3 with the entire Excel file, including all tabs. Assessments are tracked by manufacturing DUNS so be sure to include your DUNS on the scoring summary tab. Suppliers should format the file as "9digit duns-MMOGLE2012.xlsx", including leading zeros in their DUNS number.

Suppliers who obtain their local language version from Odette will also be supplied with an English version to enable them to comply with GM’s wishes for one common language.

The requirement for an assessment applies to any supplier of DIRECT material to any General Motors assembly, powertrain, component, stamping or CCA operation globally.

Completed assessments and any questions should be addressed to: (not to Odette).