Production Capacity Assessment Tool helps eliminate critical bottlenecks

During the development of the Supply Chain Risk Management Guidelines, the project team created a Risk Categorisation Matrix, comprising details of the possible Supply Chain risks and their causal factors. Analysis of the matrix showed that one of the OEM’s primary Supply Chain risks is the availability of adequate and proven production capacity at the supplier’s site.

From this observation and following further analysis, the team decided that there was a need for a proactive tool to measure and monitor the associated risks.
One of the key tools that was identified is a detailed production capacity assessment tool to measure and check the planned and actual capacity of a production facility during new product introduction, volume ramp-up and serial production stages. After undertaking a full review of the assessment requirements, the team endorsed the new Odette “Production Capacity Assessment Tool and Guidelines” developed by a GALIA project team, as the recommended standard to be used for measuring production capacity.

The tool comprises guidelines and an Excel workbook that automatically calculates the actual capacity and production efficiency from data collected during a “live” shop floor production run. The benefit in using the tool is that bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the line design are highlighted and can be resolved before a serious supply failure can occur.
The Production Capacity Assessment Tool has recently been released and is now available for download from here.