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Ford Europe: MMOG vital to ensure a robust and reliable supply chain

21 May 2021

Ford Europe recently held a ‘Special Attention’ meeting for their suppliers to emphasise the importance of using MMOG/LE throughout their supply chain operations.

The Odette MMOG Team was invited, once again, to present the latest enhancements to the MMOG Platform and the best practices to achieve Supply Chain Management excellence with MMOG.

Ford’s Christian Aigner and his SCM Planning Team reminded the audience that in these challenging times, it is essential to prepare for unforeseen events. They explained that MMOG/LE addresses these issues and provides a great guide for robust and effective planning to protect organisations across the whole supply chain.

Amongst the key messages from Christian and his team, the management of sub-suppliers was highlighted and suppliers were encouraged to set up a robust MMOG assessment process to continually review the supply chain capability of their own suppliers.

Direct dialogue is essential to achieve a real understanding and the Odette Team was able to engage in a lively exchange with many questions from the audience.

If you are a customer who uses, or plans to use, MMOG with your supplier base, the Odette MMOG Team is available to present at your next supplier event.