Odette launches new IT platform for MMOG/LE

Although the current Excel based MMOG/LE tool has served the industry well over the past decade, Odette has now launched a modern browser based application called MMOG.np (new platform) to take its place.

MMOG/LE users from both sides of the Atlantic have been involved in the development and testing of this new platform to ensure that it meets not only the current needs but also the ‘wish lists’ of both customers and suppliers in the automotive supply chain. MMOG.np is now available from Odette to use with Version 4 of the MMOG/LE catalogue.

Version 5 of the MMOG/LE catalogue which is planned for release in July 2019 will only be available for use on the MMOG.np platform. No further Excel workbook versions are planned. We therefore recommend that suppliers should consider switching to the new platform as soon as possible in order to be well prepared for forthcoming customer requirements.

Anyone purchasing a licence for MMOG.np V4 will receive a free of charge upgrade to V5 (when it becomes available)

Accessing MMOG.np