Providing standards, tools and services
for the automotive supply chain makes MMOG/LE Assessments more efficient

01 Mar 2018 will include exactly the same content (chapters, questions, weighting) as the current Excel based Version 4 but will also offer all the functionalities expected from a state of the art IT tool (such as audit trail, user access management, data security, etc..). Based on a powerful underlying database will include the following key features: Comprehensive maintenance of data Dedicated functionalities for customers and suppliers Unlimited number of users with controlled access Multiple assessment sites, MMOG versions and Customer profiles Multi-language Use of previous assessments as templates Import/export of assessments from and to the current Excel based tool offers separately tailored Customer and Supplier views with appropriate functionalities. Although the tool will mainly be used by suppliers who need to carry out assessments of their logistics operations, the customer will also be able to import suppliers assessments into its instance of the tool, validate them, make responses and monitor progress on action plans and performance. There will be no limitation on the number of users. Each user can be allocated different rights and roles (e.g. Company Administrator, Site Administrator or Assessor/Reviewer) and several assessors will be able to work on the same assessment. The single database environment will offer users a multiple assessment sites feature which will enable a supplier to manage assessments for all of its sites for all customers. Similarly, a customer will be able to manage assessments from all supplier sites within the same instance of the tool. The application will support all current and future versions of MMOG/LE (Full and Basic) as well as any specific Customer profiles. The Application and the Assessment Catalogues can be multi-language and, if required, answers can be given in several languages for the same criteria. Initial languages available will include English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Adapted to every organisation, will be available as a cloud application accessible via the internet with all the necessary controls implemented to ensure that no company can access the operating area or the data of another company. It will also be capable of being locally installed in a company intranet or on a stand-alone PC. Whether in the cloud or locally installed, the application will both look identical and operate in an identical way, following the same workflow with the same graphical user interface and will be fully interoperable with each other. will be available from from Q2 2018 to use with Version 4 of the MMOG/LE catalogue while MMOG/LE Version 5 to be published in Q1 2019 will only be available on the platform. Click here to be kept informed of availability.