About the MMOG Platform

Latest and upcoming features on www.mmogle.com

The MMOG platform  is regularly upgraded to improve the user experience with new tools and features to help you to manage your MMOG/LE assessments.

Some of the latest enhancements in the recently deployed Release 2.5 include:

Reset criterion answer

When completing an assessment, it is now possible to reset a criterion which has already been updated. The details you entered will be deleted and you will be able to start again from scratch.

  • Within the criterion, click on

Access assessment history

You can now access a detailed audit trail of your assessments. You can also select the level of history required (history of an entire assessment or history of the criteria within an assessment).

  • In the Assessment drop down menu, click on ‘Assessment history’.

Search by Manufacturing Site Code

If you are a customer receiving assessments from your suppliers, you can now find their records using the supplier code that you have allocated to their Manufacturing Site.

  • In ‘My Supplier Companies’, enter their supplier code in the Manufacturing site search box.

Identify Sender email address

When using the MMOG internal mailbox system, you can now identify the contact email address of the sender company. This enables you to contact a sender if, for example, the manufacturing site code entered by the supplier is incorrect or their internal mailbox address is not recognised.

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Coming Soon

The next release will soon be here with several new features including:

User Management

A Company Administrator will have more flexibility to manage the profile of their users, including the profiles of other Company Administrators within the account.

Analytics Module

Advanced Assessment Export, the initial feature of a comprehensive Analytics Module, will allow Company Admins and Site Admins to filter and export data from mmogle.com for further processing using external tools. Further features will be added later this year.