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European Profiles for the Global Transport Label

23 Oct 2016

An inventory of current labelling practices in the European automotive industry revealed the necessity to review the existing European Profiles recommendation which was first published way back in 2002.
 The review provided the opportunity to modernise the label through the use of new bar coding technologies but the over-riding objective is to reduce the variety in current implementations of the GTL in the European automotive industry. However, in order to control deployment costs, Odette members stressed that implementation of the new standard should be an evolution rather than a revolution. Key points of the new recommendation: Use of Datamatrix format for the 2D barcode due to its comprehensive content 3 label sizes taken into account: 210x148 (A5), 210x74 and 210x42 Margins for label holders retained Improved visual management Uniqueness of the Licence Plate Only one 1D barcode allowed (to increase the robustness of automatic readings) Free data zones for use by customer and supplier Several OEMs already have plans to deploy the new label, more information will be available at the next Odette Conference in Berlin on 15/16 May 2017. Access the recommendation