Providing standards, tools and services
for the automotive supply chain

Local support for Iberia and Morocco

03 Dec 2019

At the same time, they are increasing their demands on these local suppliers to accompany them in the drive to a greener future in which the widespread and efficient deployment of Odette Best Practice Recommendations and Standard Tools will play a major role. To meet the demand for local support in these countries, Odette International has established a partnership with the consulting and training group OPCO Academia. OPCO will assist Odette in the deployment of Odette standards in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, taking responsibility for the distribution of Odette publications and providing translations in the local language where necessary. As the Odette recommended MMOG trainer in these countries, OPCO Academia will be instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition of the local supplier base to the new MMOG/LE Version 5 and the new IT platform.
 If you are located in Spain, Portugal or Morocco and need support for Odette Standards, Tools and Services, OPCO Academia is your first port of call. 
 This agreement is the second in a planned series of partnerships with organisations across the world to provide local support for Odette standards and follows one established earlier this year with IQA to provide support for the automotive industry in Brazil.